Track Facts:

Build Year: 1950

Length: 400 meter

Banking: 30 degree turns, 12 degree straights

Covering: Asphalt

Racing: 1950's US Olympic Trials, 1960 New Jersey State track Championships.



Why do I have to buy a USACycling license?


USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. Our events are permitted and insured under USACycling and they require all riders to be licensed.   www.usacycling.org


Who can ride at the velodrome?


You can! To get started, you just need a fixed or road bike (see below for road bike criteria), get your license either annual or One-day and take a Track 101 or Fastrax clinic.  There are additional clinics that you can take to build your riding skills as well.


What kind of bike can I ride at the velodrome?


The velodrome is intended to be primarily ridden on a fixed gear bicycle. If you have a road bike, you are permitted to ride the track during practice times away from the fixed gear riders as to not cause any collisions.  


What if I donít have a fixed gear bike?


There are some fixed gear bikes available for a nominal rental fee. Please check the website for current rates.


What if I never ridden a track bike?


The best way to learn to ride a track bike is to take the Track 101 clinic (which is required for a new rider at GSV).  Private coaching is also available.


Is there a fee to come watch the races?

It is free to come out and watch! Your support is what makes this such an exciting event! 

Am I allowed to bring my pet to the velodrome?

Although GSVA loves pets, regretfully, since this is a shared track and we donít own it, pets are not allowed (Yet !).


Am I allowed to bring my Alcohol and or Glass containers to the velodrome?

No. We enjoy drinking too, regretfully, since this is a shared track and we donít own it, Alcohol as well as GLASS containers are not allowed.


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