All Riders must be Licensed under USACycling, this may be done either by a Annual Racing License or a Single Day License, Please see USACycling for more information and fees.

When Purchasing your USACycling License, you may put "GSVA - Garden State Velodrome" Club id# 15335, as your track club.

Licensing Requirements and Rider Forms:

Purchase a USACycling License at:

Track-101 (Beginner Adult, USAC* Track 4,5 / Road Category 3,4,5 / No License)




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USACycling One Day License will be available and will be categorized as Cat 5. Riders will need to attend a mandatory  Fastrax Clinic, before be allowed onto the track. One Day Licenses will not be valid or endorsed for Madison or Motorpacing events. Contact GSVA before event day for more information and to schedule.

GSVA staff reserve the right to require a rider to attend additional sessions before being licensed into a category, if considered necessary to gain more experience before riding alone on the Velodrome. Staff reserve the right to make licensing decisions for each rider on a case by case basis.

MotorPacing Endorsement Clinic (ABC* / CD)

Madison Endorsement Clinic (A/B/C*)

2017 Pre Registration for Track Daily use fee.

Pre Registering is easy as 1,2,3 and you Save $5.00 per day !!!

  1. Select your day, Select your category and Pay via Paypal.
  2. Complete, Print and Sign a USACycling Waiver.  (You will be directed to USAC after payment).
  3. Bring your USAC License and Waiver to Registration and Check-in.

Riders are encouraged to Pre-Register via PayPal for Weekly Events. Each day is $20.00 or $15 (Jr's 15+) , Junior riders 10-14yo Free., when prepaid by 7:00pm the MONDAY BEFORE the Scheduled Date.

Paying the day of at the Track the Fee is $25.00.

Make sure to leave us a note: of your Current USAC License and on what Category you are registering for, as well as a Contact Number & Email.

(Fees are non-refundable)

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (760) 468-0152

Daily Training Day Use Fee
USAC# & Category.

GSVA Gran Prix


USAC Permit No. 17-

Track Location: 1803 NJ-34, Wall Township, NJ 07719

Field Limits: Team event /Cat 2,3,4: 10 Teams,  Non Team Omni /Cat 4,5 : 20 riders

Gates will open at approximately 4:45 and No Day-of Registration, Check-in begins at 5:00. GSVA Annual Members Contact Sam for Registration.

License: You must have a Current USACycling or UCI racing license.  Annual Licenses are avail at 

USACycling Waiver: Print and fill out and bring to event to help save time at Registration.

Racing will begin at 5:45p. There will usually be a brief riders meeting to discuss any changes to schedule, race conditions & rules, and to answer any questions. Races will run in order of the schedule. Please be ready when your race is called to the line. Exit the track on the back stretch into the inner track circle after completing your race. This is so we can have the track cleared for the next race to head to the wall. 

Events will be posted on GSVA FACEBOOK PAGE at

GSVA Gran Prix

Rider(s) Name, USAC Lic#,



Information for Spectators

We invite you to come watch the Thursday night racing and be part of the thrill of Velodrome racing.  Witness cyclists reach speeds of 35 miles per hour and higher.  Please refer to our schedule for further information.

Spectator Fees:

  • Free

Racing begins at 6:00 p.m on Race nights. 


Track & Road* bikes will be allowed on the track. All bikes must be inspected for track compliance prior to riding. Loaner track bikes will be available for use at the Velodrome on a first come , first serve basis for a small fee. Loaner Track bike Fee: $15.00/night

*GSVA operating Manager may grant approval to use a non-fixed gear bike. ie Road and/or TT-Triathlon bikes. Non-fixed geared bikes may only ride individually or with other Non-Fixed geared bikes. Contact the operating manager before coming to the track with a road bike.


For Safety reasons, All cyclist, regardless of their cycling abilities and experience, are required to be USAC licensed to ride at Garden State Velodrome. No exceptions.

Track101 More Information.

FasTrax, Riders with a USAC current Road or Track license Category Elite, 1 or 2, with recent track experience, may opt to take the Fastrax orientation clinic. This one-time clinic covers current rules, track format, programs and the venue. More information.

Motor-Pacing Clinic and Endorsement (MOT), Required Endorsement to ride behind a Derny on the track. This includes Keirin, & Derny races as well as motor-paced training sessions.  More Information.

Madison Clinic and Endorsement (MAD), Required Endorsement to compete in any Madison events.  More Information.


Fees (Fees are non-refundable)

2016 Annual USACycling Racing License: See USACycling for Fees

2016 USAC One Day License:  See USACycling for Current Fees

Above License must be purchased at: USACycling

Track101 Clinic; (Beginner Adult, USAC* Track 4,5 / Road Category 3,4,5 / No License), includes Clinic and same Night open track: $20.00 contact (760)468-0152 for information.

Motor-Pacing Clinic and Endorsement (MOT): (GSVA Class ABC) includes Clinic and same Night open track: $25.00

Madison Clinic and Endorsement (MAD): (GSVA Class ABC) includes Clinic and same Night open track: $tbd

Other Race series: Various $17-$30.

Loaner Track Bike: $15.00 / night, 17 & under - contact GSVA, contact GSVA ahead of event night to see if a bike is available.

Replacement Race Number: $5.00


Please Help with our Junior Rider programs.